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Essential Dairy Products

Here is a list of the essential dairy products I have in my house.

These brands are either higher in protein, lower in fat, or they digest well!

#1- Good Culture Cottage Cheese

I love Good Culture. It tastes great! If you can find it, they also have a great lactose-free kind. I love mixing sugar-free jelly in with it or fresh fruit!

#2 - Happy Belly Fat Free Cottage Cheese

Another great brand from Amazon.

#3 - Fat Free Shredded Cheese

This takes the place of any shredded cheese. It has 9 grams of protein per serving! Pro-tip, rinse off the cheese and pat try before using it and it will melt better!

#4 - Fat Free Feta Cheese

I love this fat free feta cheese! It is great on a spinach salad with this poppy seed dressing!

#5 - Oikos Pro Yogurt

This is a great vanilla Greek yogurt. Low in sugar and high in protein.

#6 - Ratio Protein Greek Yogurt

This is another great protein Greek yogurt with over 25 grams per serving!

#7- Fage 0% Nonfat, Plain Greek Yogurt

Fage is a great yogurt to bake with and use for substitutions. It also tastes great with a little stevia added in as well.

#8- Fairlife 2% Reduced Fat Milk

I like Fairlife because it tastes good and you get more protein with less fat.

#9- Unsweet Vanilla Almond Milk

My go to is almond milk because it settles best with my stomach. I always use unsweet vanilla almond milk as the base to my creamy because you can't taste the almond and it still creams up nice!

#10- Super Creamer for coffee creamer

I love this coffee creamer because it is low in sugar and has MCT oil in it as well!

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