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Essential Protein Bars

Fueling your day! The ultimate guide to my favorite protein bars I keep stocked in my house!

I will rate each one for taste because I know protein bars can have a bad name!

Protein bar taste scale goes as such: 1 being taste like chalk, 10 being taste like a candy bar.

#1- Quest Protein Bar

It is honestly one of my favorites. I love putting the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor and the Cookies and Cream in the microwave for 10-15 seconds for a nice warm "cookie" with lots of protein and fiber!

Protein Bar Taste Scale: 7.5

#2 - Barebells

The reason I put this one as number 2 is well because they tend to me a little more pricy than Quest however, if you are new to eating a protein bar and haven't found one you liked... I could promise you you would like this brand. My favorite kind is the Caramel Chocolate, it reminds be of a 100 grand candy bar! YUM!

Protein Bar Taste Scale: 11 (had too)!

#3 - Legendary Foods Protein Pastry

Again, this is lower down on the scale well because of price, not because of taste! This are amazing. I love popping these in the microwave as well! The closest thing to a healthy Poptart you will find!

Protein Bar Taste Scale: 9.5

#4 - RXBar Protein Bars

These are great pre-workout bars. With 12 grams of protein and around 22-23 grams of carbs per bar you will be ready to take on that workout! One of my favorite things about these bars are that they are made with all natural ingredients. My favorite kind is the chocolate and blueberry!

Protein Bar Taste Scale: 9

#5 - No Cow Protein Bar

For a non-dairy protein bar, these are pretty good. I will have these from time to time if I am trying to cut out dairy (I do this when I am deeper in prep).

Protein Bar Taste Scale: 5

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