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Health Benefits of Homemade Sourdough Bread

Bread that is healthy!?

Nothing beats fueling your body right with homemade sourdough bread. Between my fiancé and I we go through almost 1 loaf a day. I have all my clients on my Sourdough too and this is why…

1.Helps with blood sugar control: Lower on the GI index than most other breads.

2.Better digestion: The fermentation process for sourdough alters the enzymes in the wheat and help counteract adverse reactions to gluten.

3.Contains Healthy bacteria: Sourdough starter naturally contain prebiotic and probiotic.

4.Nutritional value: Whole-grain breads naturally contain calcium, iron, and zinc. However, bread also contains phytates, which block absorption of these minerals. Sourdough bread’s fermentation process helps break down phytates, so the minerals in the bread are easier for the body to absorb. 

5.Fewer preservatives: Unlike with commercial bread, sourdough baking reduces the need for preservatives because the fermentation process creates acetate in the bread. This helps naturally increase the shelf life of the bread.

Message me if you are interested in buying a loaf!

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