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New Year's Resolutions!?

Be specific and write them down!

Has anyone started on their New Year's resolutions?

I certainly have! I prefer to refer to these as habits rather than resolutions, as research indicates that only 9% of Americans who set resolutions actually achieve them. So, let's embrace the term "habit" and strive to be part of that 9% together.

I encourage you to meticulously record your habits with precision, creating a concreate path to eliminate any room for doubt or hesitation.

My 2024 habits are:

  1. Journal 5x a week. In each journal entry include- gratitude, an affirmation, new vocabulary word for the week, to do list for the day. Recap from the day before and how will you get 1% better. Below is my daily journal outline - if this is a habit you would like to start up, please feel free to use the one I created.

  2. Read 30 minutes- 5x a week. I love reading business books and social psychology - if you have an recommdentations please comment them below!

  3. Learn a new vocabulary word once a week and use it in a sentence every day.

Let's get 1% better together in 2024!


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