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How to know if you are getting a high protein snack...

Is your protein snack actually a protein filled snack?

Navigating the world of protein snacks can be a bit difficult these days. With marketing techniques reaching new heights, it's no surprise that choosing the right protein snack has become a bit of a challenge. Let's look beyond those buzzwords and take a deeper look at the nutritional content and ingredient list.

When choosing protein-packed snacks and foods, I stick to a simple guideline: protein content is the largest (or tied) amount within the macro nutrients (protein, fats, carbs).

My favorite go snacks are pictured below:

Seapoint Farms dry roasted edamame

Protein 20 grams > Fat 8 grams; Carbs 13 grams

Quest Nutrition protein bar

Protein 21 grams > Fat 8 grams; Carbs 21 grams

Comment below your favorite protein filled snack!

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